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Alan Doyle - Welcome Home

Matt Mays

Peter Dreams (July Talk)

TV soundtrack work - Son Of A Critch


Barenaked Ladies - In Flight

Elliot C Way - All I Know

Geoffrey Kelly - When The Wind Blows

Kevin Hearn - Dreaming Of The 80's

Odds - Crash The Time Machine

TV soundtrack work - Son Of A Critch, Heartland


Adam Baldwin - Concertos & Serenades

Alan Doyle - Here, Tonight (Live)

Barney Bentall - Cosmic Dreamer

Mother Mother - Hayloft II (Dark Verb Mix) single

TV soundtrack work - Son Of A Critch, Heartland


Alan Doyle - Back To The Harbour EP

Johnny 99 - Words Left Unsaid

Kandle & Kendel Carson - Birds

Kandle - Set the Fire

Matt Mays - From Burnside With Love (Live)

RanchWriters (Barney Bentall, Geoffrey Kelly)


Alan Doyle - Rough Side Out

Arkells - Campfire Chords

Cory Tetford - Road Songs


Alan Doyle - So Let's Go

Alan Doyle - A Week at The Warehouse

Barney Bentall - The Drifter & The Preacher

Barney Bentall - Flesh & Bone

Belle Starr - Self Titled / The Burning of Atlanta

Chip Taylor - Yonkers NY / Rock & Roll Joe

Cory Tetford - In The Morning

The Deep Dark Woods - The Place I Left Behind

Dustin Bentall - High In The Satellite 

Dustin Bentall - Orion / You Are An Island

Dustin Bentall - Six Shooter
Justin Rutledge - Valleyheart

Kendel Carson - Rearview Mirror Tears

Kendel Carson - Alright Dynamite

Kendel Carson - The Calgary Sessions

Kendel Carson - The Lost Tapes

Leeroy Stagger - Dream It All Away
Matt Mays - Once Upon a Hell of a Time...

Outlaw Social - Dry Bones

Outlaw Social - A Seven Song EP

Spirit Of The West - Spirituality

The Paperboys - The Road To Ellenside

The Paperboys - Callithump

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